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With so much daily business happening online, it's more important than ever to have a secure computer system and network for your company. Excelsior Computer Consulting is an IT company that has been providing IT solutions to businesses in the Rome, NY area for years.

You'll get customizable managed IT services from a team of skilled professionals when you work with us. Our team can install new equipment or set up systems like Wi-Fi, company websites and anti-virus software. If you have a problem with your network, we can help with on-site or remote IT services at your convenience.

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Hackers aren't the only thing you have to worry about it when all your business information is on your computer. A simple computer crash could wipe out your data at any moment. Excelsior Computer Consulting can help you prevent this problem by providing secure data backup and retrieval for your company.

If your hardware does break down, we can perform data recovery on damaged or corrupted hard drives. Our lab will retrieve information from your equipment and get your business back to normal.

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Why choose Excelsior
Computer Consulting?

There are many options when it comes to network engineer services. Don't settle for an IT company that treats you like just another number. You can rely on our team because...

  1. We use a small team of professionals who have specialized knowledge for their role
  2. You can customize your services, from a quick network setup to full-time IT security
  3. Our remote services provide quick, convenient help when you need it

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