Keep Your Important Information Protected

Arrange for data backup & recovery services
in the Rome, NY area

When you run your business from a computer, you end up trusting a machine with everything from payroll to payment information. A computer crash could cost you significantly if you don't have data recovery services.

Excelsior Computer Consulting can create a data backup for your business in Rome, NY or the surrounding area. We can protect the information of every specific computer you need and recover lost information in the event of a crash.

Protect your business with a data backup today.

How our recovery process works

If your system crashes, you want your business to be back to normal as quickly as possible. You can count on our data recovery solutions because we...

  • Can provide both an online and physical copy
  • Can recover information off a corrupt hard drive
  • Work with you to disrupt your business as little as possible

Call Excelsior Computer Consulting at 315-795-1052 to arrange for data protection or recovery services.