Don't Let Computer Problems Interrupt
Your Operation

Get remote or on site IT services in the Rome, NY area

There's no reason for an IT technician to come to your workplace and shut down your business operations for multiple hours.. You can get the help you need with remote IT services instead. Excelsior Computer Consulting can have a trained IT professional connect to your system in the Rome, NY area remotely to provide the technical support you need.

We'll access your computer through a safe and secure connection to diagnose and fix your problem. You'll be able to get the assistance you need without interrupting your office.

When you're ready for remote IT services, visit our Remote Connection page to connect with our IT engineers.

Need someone on-site?

Maybe your problem can't be solved remotely, or would be more efficiently resolved in person. If you need a technician to come to your business for technical support, Excelsior Computer Consulting can also perform on-site IT services. We'll identify the issue with your computer, VoIP system or Wi-Fi network and provide an effective solution.

Set up on-site IT services by calling us at 315-795-1052.